Definition of purslane in English:



  • Any of a number of small, typically fleshy-leaved plants which grow in damp or marshy habitats.

    (also 'sea purslane') an edible plant which grows in salt marshes (Atriplex portulacoides, family Chenopodiaceae).

    (also 'pink purslane') a small pink-flowered North American plant of damp places (genus Claytonia, family Portulacaceae).

    • ‘Sprinkle with cracked pepper and garnish with purslane.’
    • ‘Vegetables rich in glutathione include asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes and purslane.’
    • ‘The smell of fresh mint, of a bunch of purslane, the availability of baby aubergines, broad beans or peas makes me want to cook.’
    • ‘The plant sources are flax seed, walnuts, and purslane, a succulent weed.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, I can thoroughly recommend purslane (call it pussley or pigweed if you will) as a delicious vegetable.’


Late Middle English: from Old French porcelaine, probably from Latin porcil(l)aca, variant of portulaca, influenced by French porcelaine ‘porcelain’.