Definition of purple state in English:

purple state


  • A US state where the Democratic and Republican parties have similar levels of support among voters.

    ‘Iowa today is a purple state, pretty evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats’
    Compare with blue state and red state
    • ‘Colorado has, I believe, always been a purple state.’
    • ‘Is this she going to be called down to Florida to campaign in that race, or New Jersey or some of these purple states?’
    • ‘The local newspaper called the comments "an eyebrow-raiser, at the very least", adding, "In a purple state like Colorado, Republicans can't afford those".’
    • ‘Fresh-faced, wealthy, personable and a moderate from a purple state with a successful spell as Governor under his belt, he could well be the next Democratic president.’
    • ‘All of the states you just mentioned are basically purple states.’
    • ‘"It would be the first sign of turning Florida from a purple state to one that's blue," he said.’
    • ‘The governors have a record of victory, including in blue states and purple states.’
    • ‘We're more of a purple state than a blue or red, but it's very important for the president to talk to our base.’
    • ‘This is a purple state.’
    • ‘Thus, the Senate is a much more cushy job for Kerry than someone from a red or purple state.’
    • ‘While the state was "moving in the right direction, it's still a purple state."’
    • ‘When the presidential election results are parsed, New York, like much of the nation, is more a purple state than a bright red or blue one.’
    • ‘Convinced the party needed a viable operation nationwide, not just in the blue and purple states, he spent millions to hire three to five new staff members in all 50 states to handle fund-raising, communications and organizing.’
    • ‘We're more of a purple state than blue or red.’
    • ‘Minnesota is a purple state.’
    • ‘Indiana and Ohio appear as two purple states jutting into an otherwise blue Great Lakes region.’
    • ‘New Hampshire is a purple state in a deeply blue New England (but, being a coastline state, it would not matter much that it was not connected by land to other breakaway states).’
    • ‘But it's the so-called purple states that are bitterly contested.’
    • ‘The reds are red and the blues are blue - and it's going to be a street fight in the purple states.’
    • ‘And that's why it's such a fascinating purple state right now.’


With allusion to the fact that the colour purple is a blend of red and blue.