Definition of purple prose in English:

purple prose


mass noun
  • Prose that is too elaborate or ornate.

    • ‘So instead of looking for him to spout forth with purple prose extolling his love for you, take a look at him from a different angle.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for him, people liked his very very purple prose more than they paid attention to his substance.’
    • ‘But even in the whirl of their purple prose and gossamer tales of edibles gone by, food writers promoted a fundamental shift in the way America began to view dinner in the 1950s.’
    • ‘The second filing is embroidered with some purple prose, and reads like the script to a made-for-schools documentary.’
    • ‘But throughout his life, Halsted's unbounded opinion of his own worth and his purple prose in expressing that opinion got him into hot water.’
    • ‘In purple prose, Frank paints a grim picture of the state and its towns.’
    • ‘Stylistically, the author drifts between literary and purple prose.’
    • ‘Metzger elicits good performances from his cast, considering the silly story and purple prose that passes for dialog.’
    • ‘Like a priest preparing a sermon damning the heathen sinners, one can almost see the expression of pious self-satisfaction on the author's face as he pens his purple prose.’
    • ‘It is that kind of a statement, very purple prose and very wrong, inaccurate.’
    • ‘In a particularly lurid piece of purple prose, Poblete depicts the homecoming of one such starving worker.’
    • ‘The novelist well known for his pretentious and overwhelmingly purple prose, has lashed out at the Booker Prize, claiming that the books that are ‘really influential’ in modern British society are never nominated.’
    • ‘Not only does the work fall prey to purple prose and bad prose poetry on more than a few occasions, there are other moments when the work is just too mannered.’
    • ‘I won't even go into the purple-ness of that purple prose.’
    • ‘Yet some critics have likened it to the aural equivalent of purple prose.’
    • ‘We'll never know but we shouldn't knock the modern day heroes just because they don't have countless pages of purple prose devoted to them just yet.’
    • ‘Wordy and redundant, the document wandered in and out of various verb tenses, stumbled over boilerplate prepositional phrases, and sank into quagmires of purple prose.’
    • ‘The mystery critic offers constructive suggestions for making Elena's purple prose even more enticing.’
    • ‘The reserve in my books comes largely from a deep-seated terror of committing purple prose.’
    • ‘From writer of purple prose to a firm believer in marriage, she has come a long way.’
    bombast, loftiness, turgidity, grandiloquence, magniloquence, ornateness, portentousness, pomposity, boastfulness, boasting, bragging, heroics, hyperbole, extravagant language, pompousness, sonorousness
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