Definition of puritanically in English:



  • See puritanical

    • ‘The dancers captured the spirit of the puritanically themed work, performing it with passion and intensity.’
    • ‘At a time when everyone else was tripping out on psychedelic rock Flack's recording of Ewan Macoll's folk song was an unlikely hit; the music was puritanically plain, the words so simple.’
    • ‘It is the most puritanically ingredient-driven meal I've ever had.’
    • ‘Benglis's photograph can be read in various ways, appealing to the libertarian feminist as surely as it repelled the more puritanically minded.’
    • ‘No party hack, she campaigns for a purer communism responsive to the needs of each neighborhood but puritanically resistant to the commercial blandishments even then battering at the eastern gates.’