Definition of purify in English:



  • 1Remove contaminants from.

    ‘the filtration plant is able to purify 70 tons of water a day’
    ‘purified linseed oil’
    figurative ‘they set out to purify art by reviving the spirit and style of early religious painting’
    • ‘Should you manage to purify yourself, your will still be able to journey to paradise.’
    • ‘Bali was then, to him, like a spiritual river in which he could bathe, purifying himself as a new man.’
    • ‘People report that they sweat much more in a sauna during this cycle, as the body seems to want to purify itself.’
    • ‘It was all very well for her, treating her body like a temple, but the effect of her sitting there purifying herself smugly at my dinner table was to turn everyone else's food to ashes in their mouths.’
    • ‘‘He came and went so fast we were not able to purify him by waving branches over his head,’ said the angry Yasukuni Shrine monks.’
    • ‘It seemed obvious to me the precepts presented a picture of those traits which arose like this of their own accord in a mind purifying itself.’
    • ‘Assuredly we bring not innocence into the world, we bring impurity much rather: that which purifies us is trial, and trial by what is contrary.’
    • ‘Hitler's goals were to purify Germany by removing people with all but the purest Teutonic blood and to expand German territory throughout Europe.’
    • ‘I laughed happier than before as I came to realize that it was purifying me.’
    • ‘A sweat will purify us physically, but it cannot wash our sins away.’
    • ‘That's why he calls you to his side and devotes himself to purifying you in the fire of his love.’
    • ‘I haven't even come out in pimples as reassuring evidence of my body purifying itself.’
    • ‘Related work to purify semiconducting nanotubes and remove graphitic contamination is also being carried out.’
    • ‘Highland areas would be reforested to create a filter through which rain and groundwater could be purified for use in the more populated valleys and lowlands.’
    • ‘Such societies may therefore employ spies or a priesthood to purify themselves of corrupting influences.’
    • ‘It sounds very presumptuous to say I wish to purify Mahler, but I do think, in a sense, that Mahler now has to be purified of all these non-musical preconceptions that have become attached to him.’
    • ‘James has to set himself apart from other mortals and purify himself from normal appetites in order to perfect his art.’
    • ‘The lodge will eventually have two ‘constructed wetlands’ to purify septic waste naturally.’
    • ‘Did it purify me of the last vestige of any desire that might still be hanging around?’
    • ‘The re-educated cells, with the ability to identify and destroy cancerous cells, are then removed, purified, and injected into the patient.’
    clean, make pure, refine, cleanse, decontaminate
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    1. 1.1purify something from Extract something from.
      ‘genomic DNA was purified from whole blood’
      • ‘To test the compounds' antiatherosclerotic activity, the scientists purified avenanthramides from oats and exposed them to human arterial wall cells over a 24-hour period.’
      • ‘The size and purity of the amplified product were checked by agarose gel electrophoresis, and the fragment was purified from the gel by commercially available procedures.’
      • ‘Despite efforts from several laboratories there has been no success in purifying the enzyme from plant tissues catalysing the synthesis of low or high molecular weight amide-linked conjugates.’
      • ‘Magnetic beads are used to purify the required cells from blood or spleen.’
      • ‘Three purified colonies from each isolate were further tested on LB, lactose, or glucose minimal medium and incubated at 30° and 42°.’
      • ‘A simple and effective process that recovers and purifies organic acids from petrochemical companies' waste acid stream has been developed.’
      • ‘We obtained chymotrypsin from Sigma Chemical, where it is purified from bovine pancreas.’
      • ‘A pessary constituting purified ingredients from three plant sources has been made with dual properties of potent spermicidal action and action against a wide spectrum of bacteria and viruses.’
      • ‘Burcon developed a process to extract and purify valuable proteins from canola meal.’
      • ‘A polyherbal pessary was formulated with purified ingredients from neem leaves, Sapindus mukerossi (pericarp of fruit) and Mentha citrata oil.’
      • ‘Before sequencing, the amplified regions were purified from the agarose gel using a GeneClean kit.’
      • ‘Total RNA was isolated as described previously, with the inclusion of an ethylene glycol monobutyl ether precipitation to purify samples from contaminating carbohydrates prior to the lithium chloride precipitation of RNA.’
      • ‘These insoluble proteins were purified from E. coli under denaturing conditions and then renatured back to the native state.’
      • ‘The seedlings were germinated at 25°C in the dark for 5 d. Plasma membranes were purified from roots by aqueous two-phase partitioning as described elsewhere.’
      • ‘Crude extracts were used because, for unknown reasons, it was not possible to purify the enzyme from the extract successfully without losing most of the activity.’
      • ‘DNA fragments were purified from agarose gels using the BresaClean DNA purification kit following the manufacturer's specifications.’
      • ‘This might one day lead to mass-production of lycopene from ethanol coproducts, rather than by extracting and purifying it from tomatoes.’
      • ‘For all 43 species, amplified fragments were purified from agarose gels and ligated in the TOPO TA cloning vector.’
      • ‘The researchers then extract purified proteins from the gel.’
      • ‘Recombinant plasmids were purified from overnight cultures using the alkaline lysis technique.’
    2. 1.2 Make ceremonially clean.
      ‘a ritual bath to purify the soul’
      • ‘Gowri bemoans of her action of coming into physical contact with Gange, a lower caste woman, and decides to purify herself by taking bath in holy water.’
      • ‘It says that the purpose of these rituals is to teach the Kohanim the proper procedure for purifying a Metzora, which has an identical purification ceremony.’
      • ‘I said no, we purify others by our actions as satyagrahis.’
      • ‘But the desired side of those pairs of opposites does not exist: she is neither purified nor realised by the cleansing ritual.’
      • ‘Priests and old scriptures say that water cleaned and purified the damned.’
      • ‘After sprinkling her with holy water and purifying her with hyssop, the priest led her into the church to the altar while reading the identical prayer used in the similar procession during infant baptism.’
      • ‘Because of unconditional acceptance by deities, I don't purify myself before ritual.’
      • ‘If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.’
      • ‘Tibetans celebrated Dosmoche, dancing in masks to frighten away the evil spirits, and Pakistanis observed Chaomos, when they purify themselves with water and goat's blood.’
      • ‘A shaman would perform rituals to prevent the deceased ghost from returning, and individuals who had tended to the body ritually purified themselves.’
      • ‘The ancient scriptures believed the Yamuna to be sacred enough to purify one's soul.’
      • ‘‘The ritual is aimed at purifying and cleansing the areas from the evil impact of avian influenza,’ pemangku (temple priest) Rajapati said.’
      • ‘From what I know and have read, the scarf is to purify one's soul.’
      • ‘It also aims, through the same actions, to purify one's soul and weaken one's worldly desires.’
      • ‘The path to the unitive state, the mystics tell us, includes purgation, an encounter with the transforming love of God that cleanses and purifies us.’
      • ‘You said this would purify the Faith and make it stronger.’
      • ‘But before you join a religious order and attempt to purify yourself, remember that the Vatican has determined that the celibacy rule is nonnegotiable.’
      • ‘Do get ‘smudged’ by an elder when he offers to purify you with sweetgrass, tobacco, sage and cedar.’
      • ‘‘People's neglect of God has led them into selfishness and greed, therefore the only way they can purify themselves is by practicing religious teachings,’ he said.’
      • ‘Saints like Ramanuja and the Nayanmars, have played a stellar role in perfecting the formula for purifying oneself through devotion in order to qualify for the kingdom of God.’
      purge, cleanse, clear, free, unburden, deliver, relieve
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Middle English: from Old French purifier, from Latin purificare, from purus ‘pure’.