Definition of pure science in English:

pure science


  • A science depending on deductions from demonstrated truths, such as mathematics or logic, or studied without regard to practical applications.

    • ‘Of late, there has been a welcoming trend with more students going for pure sciences and mathematics, which she feels, should have strong fundamentals for study.’
    • ‘Venezuela does not cultivate mathematics properly as a pure science.’
    • ‘It is said that he made this decision after an exciting visit to Pasteur, during which the father of bacteriology spoke about pure science in such lofty terms that the young man was completely persuaded.’
    • ‘There seems to be a feeling in the schools and possibly society at large that a girl who is doing well in science based subjects would do well to go in for medicine rather than pure sciences or engineering.’
    • ‘He began studying engineering at Johns Hopkins but his interests changed in the course of his studies towards pure science and his first degree was in physics.’