Definition of punter in English:



  • 1British informal A person who gambles, places a bet, or makes a risky investment.

    • ‘Trouble is, us punters too often invest through the rear-view mirror.’
    • ‘He also wants punters entering casinos to have to show some form of identity.’
    • ‘Casual/recreational punters can use the same strategy that gives wiseguys their winning edge.’
    • ‘Small companies, where many a retail punter likes to invest, are also back in fashion.’
    • ‘Our English punters couldn't bet on England because of this, but emotionally couldn't bet against them either.’
    • ‘Tracker funds are also seen as one of the best first steps into investments for novice punters.’
    • ‘Most turn out to be bad investments in which punters lose their shirts.’
    • ‘This means that the average punter's investments will do worse than the average performance of the market over any given time frame.’
    • ‘The internet is a major gambling hall for punters where they play poker bingo cards whatever; gamblers even get to play lotto online.’
    • ‘Sure, there have been some bookmaker failures, but the punter can see the evidence of the main bookmakers' financial strength on the High Street.’
    • ‘Betfair, the internet betting exchange, has revolutionised the world of gambling by allowing punters to wager on horses not winning.’
    • ‘The tourist season generally gathers pace for the four day meeting with visitors and local punters joining in the annual battle with bookies.’
    • ‘It's the side of gambling you don't hear about: the punters who enjoy the casino and don't lose their shirt doing it.’
    • ‘A leading bookmaker has also warned punters to be careful and make sure their bookies are licensed before they place a bet.’
    • ‘Maria Luisa has been a frustrating filly for punters to follow even though she has paid her way for her connections throughout the season.’
    • ‘The Isle of Man now allows US punters to gamble in online casinos based on the island, the NY Times reports.’
    • ‘What if it's then sold to potential punters as an ‘investment opportunity’?’
    • ‘It will allow punters who wish to invest in today's volatile equity markets to do so, safe in the knowledge that they will not lose their original investment.’
    • ‘With an online betting account, punters may call to place bets or bet through the Internet after the betting centres close.’
    • ‘All that will be very welcome, and if they sort out the Tote betting shop pronto, punters will be glad.’
    gambler, backer, staker, speculator
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    1. 1.1 A customer or client, especially a member of an audience.
      • ‘Nor will they necessarily be told that they will be discussed with a crowd of punters the following evening.’
      • ‘Tickets cost 30 Euro and to avoid disappointment, punters are asked to purchase in advance.’
      • ‘But it will be harder for the ordinary punter to call everyday businesses to account.’
      • ‘A trickle of punters browsed the market in Parliament Street and department stores were eerily quiet.’
      • ‘That is what happened to the customers who followed a group of wealthy punters into the night club on Bridge Street the other night.’
      • ‘The business end of the rugby league season starts tonight, and, if the market framers and punters are right, then get ready for a couple of lopsided matches.’
      • ‘So were the punters in the audience when the Dubliner's name appeared on the scoreboard during O'Sullivan's match with Dott.’
      • ‘Still, Scotland kept the faith, to the severe detriment of the mug punters consuming water here.’
      • ‘A lot of venues have predominantly straight customers on some nights, with gay punters showing up on others.’
      • ‘Hong Kong punters follow the volume turnover of third-tier companies in the search for the next reverse-takeover target.’
      • ‘Roux then grandstands and takes off his team blazer and tie and puts it up for auction - apparently at the request of a punter in the audience.’
      • ‘Around 160,000 of those new high speed Internet customers were existing dial-up punters who upgraded to faster services.’
      • ‘Once upon a year not that long ago, a young man sat in a pub telling a wide-eyed audience of punters all about his skiing holiday.’
      • ‘But such cowboys are not the worst problem for internet punters and exchange users at the moment.’
      • ‘The band had CD pre-sale order forms there for punters to purchase.’
      • ‘It is often small things that make all the difference to the loyal punter and inspire repeat business, or not.’
      • ‘The paying punters on the tour all seem motivated more by curiosity than ideology.’
      • ‘Then we sell it on old Bury market, and the punters just can't get enough.’
      • ‘The spa is open only to residents, so there's no sharing your thermal dunks with pay-and-play punters or ‘club members’.’
      • ‘The broadband Internet Service Provider is under fire for its poor customer service with punters up in arms at being left without phone and broadband.’
      customer, client, patron
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    2. 1.2 A prostitute's client.
      • ‘Smith and a pal were apparently cruising around the red light area when they pulled up near a prostitute who was speaking to a suspected punter through his car window.’
      • ‘Her left cheek bears a deep and unsightly scar; not the result of a violent punter, but a run-in with another prostitute.’
      • ‘I am mystified as to how even the gentlest punters can be considered prostitutes' allies.’
      • ‘Police believe the killer was probably a punter and had used prostitutes in the area before.’
      • ‘The law could be changed to make more severe punishment for ‘illegal’ street prostitutes and their punters.’
      • ‘It would take prostitution off the streets and into a safer environment for both the prostitutes and the punters.’
      • ‘Many prostitutes say they have been raped many times by their punters, sometimes by many men at the same time.’
      • ‘Likewise it must be very offensive for women who are not prostitutes to be approached by a mistaken punter.’
      customer, client, kerb-crawler
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  • 2Rugby American Football
    A player who punts.

    • ‘Anyone who earns a contract as a punter in American football is barred from playing kick-to-kick in our local park.’
    • ‘The Broncos still need to add a quality punter, a wide receiver, a quarterback to replace Danny Kanell as the backup and depth on the offensive line.’
    • ‘In Bengals history, there have been some effective players named Johnson, including punter Lee and running back Pete.’
    • ‘You run timed drills in a specific task like punting or run stopping where you only get to control the relevant player like the punter or middle linebacker.’
    • ‘He played quarterback, strong safety, punter and placekicker at North Central High School in Kiln, Missisippi, for his father, Irvin.’
  • 3A person who propels or travels in a punt.