Definition of punker in English:



North American
  • A punk rocker.

    • ‘The interview has already been pushed back several times as the Canadian punkers scramble to finish soundcheck at the Troubadour club in L.A. before that night's gig.’
    • ‘Goths, geeks, yuppies, hippies, bikers, punkers, republicans, democrats, communists, and fascists; we can choose to tell a story about who we are, and why, through the items in our home.’
    • ‘Although a lot more rock elements can be heard on this third album, it's when they bash away at punk that they really show up the major-label pop punkers as the poseurs that they are.’
    • ‘These spiky-haired punkers have really hit their zenith.’
    • ‘Japan was great, but it was a lot of guys coming out that look punk rock and they love going to shows, but they weren't necessarily punkers.’
    • ‘Either it's the rich kids trying to act all thug, like they're living the trife life, or it's the punkers ripping holes in the clothes their parents buy 'em.’
    • ‘The crowd was pretty good, though - older punkers who actually danced!’
    • ‘There were punkers, teenyboppers, preppies, freaks, neutral crowd, rappers, and more.’
    • ‘Whether if it's a room full of old friends or spiked out stereotypical punkers, you have to count on the fact that every song you play will not appeal to each person in the room.’
    • ‘In a sea of punkers picking up acoustic guitars, MacPherson emerges as just a great singer/songwriter.’
    • ‘It's funny because the most conservative people I know are punkers.’
    • ‘The punkers in Europe at that time were really orthodox and conservative and wanted everybody to play the same song the same way.’
    • ‘Gross is inviting goths, punkers, ravers, metalheads, skaters, gamers and other so-called outsiders to be part of a new discussion group for seekers and believers.’
    • ‘Tribes of hoodlum punkers rumble easy clean on vintage American Harleys in monsoon rushes of postindustrial airbrushed green and blue and orange manes.’
    • ‘I'm not about appealing to these boring punkers so I can sell more T-shirts.’
    • ‘But we, the pretty young things at the front, the dubious old men at the side and the punkers in the middle are all here for one band only.’
    • ‘While the commercial provided exposure, it drew the scorn of genuine punkers.’
    • ‘One of the local punkers pushed passed him and he could breath again.’
    • ‘Listening to it now, I am reminded of Ruairi and I living together in one bedroom of a house that had 10 disgusting punkers living in it.’
    • ‘How about the new wave of pop punkers that have automatic entrée into the charts but who still brandish their credentials because they have a defined sound?’