Definition of punchbowl in English:



  • 1A bowl used for mixing and serving punch.

    • ‘There's a famous family story about the time my parents went to a neighbourhood party and a woman accosted my mother over the punchbowl, raving about what a good listener my father was.’
    • ‘From the smell of his breath, he'd imbibed heavily from the punchbowl.’
    • ‘He fixed her arm underneath his as they neared the punchbowl, a small smile on his face, for Katherine seemed as tense as a slingshot.’
    • ‘Later, but not much, you find me, messing about with the ice cubes floating melty in the red splash of punchbowl, and some other Mr. Wrong trying to chat me up who doesn't see you coming.’
    • ‘It's a rowdy party and no one has the courage to remove the punchbowl.’
    • ‘It has tables and chairs along the walls, a table with snacks and a punchbowl, and a tiny proscenium stage up front.’
    • ‘Mogens offered his arm and Sunniva took it, and they set off for the punchbowl.’
    • ‘We show up with a group of friends to mask our alone-ness, but when the dance party gets started, we're looking for the punchbowl.’
    • ‘In a special event at the gallery in Arundal Gate, the four Sheffield designers of the punchbowl reunited to oversee its removal and dispatch it on a journey to London.’
    • ‘It all began in 1899 when a twenty-year-old Harvard student from St. Louis named Dwight Filley Davis in a moment of ecstasy asked a Boston silversmith to shape 217 troy ounces of silver into a punchbowl.’
    dish, basin, pan, pot, crock, crucible, mortar
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    1. 1.1British A deep round hollow in a hilly area.
      • ‘About halfway along the loop, you'll reach the falls, among the park's most impressive: a thundering, 40-foot plunging punchbowl.’
      hollow, valley, dip, depression, indentation, well, trough, crater, cavity, concavity, sinkhole, hole, pit, excavation
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