Definition of pump something out in English:

pump something out

phrasal verb

  • Produce or emit something in large quantities or amounts.

    ‘carnival bands pumping out music’
    • ‘That's why no matter how many love-against-all-odds-under-Nazi-occupation epics are pumped out in time for Oscar consideration, we eat 'em up, especially when they are as beautifully photographed and paced as Zelary.’
    • ‘A generation ago, cheap daytime soaps were pumped out to fill the gaps between ads for domestic cleaning products and provide some moving wallpaper for tranquillised housewives.’
    • ‘Other potters move on to vases, abstract sculptures, maybe even attempt a bust, but Ron just stays the course pumping out ashtray after ashtray.’
    • ‘The manufacturer, Roche, is pumping it out at full pelt, but global demand has gone berserk.’
    • ‘I haven't heard any of their post-major label work, but it appears they were pumping it out in spades until recently.’
    • ‘And I kind of - after a while, I mean, I did 14 movies in six years, which is more than two a year, and just kind of pumping them out.’
    • ‘And the studios really want to seize on that momentum and pump those DVDs out as fast as they can when they're still in the forefront of people's minds.’
    • ‘‘Pollutants were pumped out by the dark satanic mills and we had a century and a half of that,’ he said.’
    • ‘People like to hear stuff that sounds familiar to them and the North American music industry loves to keep pumping it out.’
    • ‘But a great deal of the fleeing capital was earned then and there: Exports were pumped out at a much higher rate than imports were purchased.’