Definition of pummel in English:


verbpummeled, pummelled, pummels, pummelling, pummeling

[with object]
  • 1Strike repeatedly with the fists.

    ‘he felt like a boxer who had been pummelled mercilessly against the ropes’
    • ‘The girl pummeled her weak fists against Rhea's back like some comic damsel-in-distress character in an old movie.’
    • ‘He no longer pummels the light punchbag that has travelled with him from home to home over the years, and these days he occasionally uses a cane to assist his progress.’
    • ‘The door shuddered as thumping fists pummelled the wood.’
    • ‘Suddenly, Lotus grabbed the guy's shirt in her fist and almost really pummeled his face in.’
    • ‘She then proceeded to pummel him with her fists.’
    • ‘Stroll around to your local multiplex, meanwhile, and take your pick of movies about men shooting, beating and pummelling each other into unconsciousness.’
    • ‘She just stared furiously at me, lips twitching with something to say, fists clenched to pummel me into something similar to hospital food.’
    • ‘He slipped on a pair of weighted training mitts and started to belt and pummel the bag mercilessly.’
    • ‘I pictured him walking home in the cold, or being held down and pummelled by some delinquent's fists.’
    • ‘I ran to the mirror and began pummeling it with my fist.’
    • ‘The court was then told how, on May 30, Howarth caused another £100 of damage to Mr Hopkin's car after pummelling the bonnet with clenched fists.’
    • ‘Once he tried to punch Billy and got pummeled himself.’
    • ‘Then his father was lunging after the both of them, and he dodged to the side to avoid being pummeled by a fist twice the size of his hands put together.’
    • ‘Perhaps you've punched your PC, pummelled your printer or severed a server; maybe you've blown a fuse trying to solve a problem while talking to tech support and threatened to break someone's legs.’
    • ‘Mac was on him, a knee punching furiously into his leg, a fist pummelling into his kidneys, Mac had trained for almost every eventuality except for fighting an armed man in a small crammed lift with only his left arm.’
    • ‘The coach got up, crawled over the glass, and began pummeling Sir Slapshot with both fists.’
    • ‘I ignored his yells and continued to pummel him with my fists.’
    • ‘Feeble fists started pummeling him, beating at his chest.’
    • ‘He rises enraged and pummels Dares mercilessly.’
    • ‘I propped myself up on my knees and pummeled him with my fists.’
    pound, rain blows on, buffet, belabour, thrash, beat up, abuse
    batter, pound, rain blows on, belabour, drub, hammer
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    1. 1.1North American informal Criticize severely.
      ‘he has been pummelled by the reviewers’
      • ‘What I cannot believe is that the leader of the opposition did not adopt this as his main line of attack and pummel the President on this.’
      • ‘Like some unwanted child who no one loved, Boat Trip sank like a stone at the box office and took a pummeling at the hands of critics and audiences alike.’
      • ‘And the critics are likely to pummel it mercilessly.’


Mid 16th century: variant of pommel.