Definition of pulse code modulation in English:

pulse code modulation


mass nounElectronics
  • A pulse modulation technique in which the amplitude of an analogue signal is converted to a binary value represented as a series of pulses.

    • ‘For voice-over-digital subscriber line applications, the MT90502 directly accepts pulse code modulation and adaptive differential pulse code modulation traffic packetisation.’
    • ‘The line module test can be done remotely using two different loop backs, one prior to the A / D conversion (PCM (pulse code modulation) loopback) and one after the conversion (analog loopback).’
    • ‘A method and apparatus for performing adaptive differential pulse code modulation.’
    • ‘The T-carrier system uses pulse code modulation and time-division multiplexing.’
    • ‘A first channel has an output electrically connected to the input line of the line interface circuit, and the first channel has inputs for both a pulse code modulation input and a xDSL input.’