Definition of pulpiteer in English:



  • A person who preaches, especially a minister of religion.

    ‘he was an eloquent pulpiteer, much in demand’
    ‘his genius as an orator and leading pulpiteer’
    • ‘The mouths of the High Church pulpiteers were encouraged to open as loud as possible.’
    • ‘Edmund insists that a proper clergyman is not merely a pulpiteer.’
    • ‘A pulpit has never been so expensive for either the pulpiteer nor his hapless congregation.’
    • ‘Wardin assesses him to be "the greatest pulpiteer and orator in Tennessee Baptist annals".’
    • ‘America's leading pulpiteer, Henry Ward Beecher, pastor of the Pilgrim Congregational Church in Brooklyn, denounced the strike in two sermons.’
    • ‘One of TV's seminal pulpiteers was Oral Roberts, who started in the preaching business with ‘the World's Largest Gospel Tent’ in the late 1940s.’
    minister, minister of religion, parson, clergyman, clergywoman, member of the clergy, priest, man of the cloth, woman of the cloth, man of god, woman of god, cleric, churchman, churchwoman, evangelist, apostle, missionary, revivalist, evangelical, gospeller, sermonizer, spreader of the faith, crusader, proselytizer, moralizer
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