Definition of pull something down in English:

pull something down

phrasal verb

  • 1Demolish a building.

    ‘the house was pulled down and the site redeveloped’
    • ‘Poorly designed office blocks could be pulled down and more landmark buildings erected to add to the town's famous glass pyramid and viaduct.’
    • ‘When he came to York, he stayed at a house in Queen Street, next door to Rowntree's, before these buildings were pulled down to make way for the factory's expansion.’
    • ‘It was feared the building could be pulled down or made into flats.’
    • ‘As the wondrously ugly 1960 buildings are pulled down, beautiful Bradford is re-emerging.’
    • ‘It's easy to pull buildings down but you can never put them back up again.’
    demolish, knock down, take down, tear down, dismantle, raze, raze to the ground, level, flatten, bulldoze, destroy, lay waste
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  • 2informal Earn a sum of money.

    ‘he was pulling down sixty grand a year’
    • ‘As the attentive and charming maître d' of one of America's top restaurants, Jamais pulled down $300,000 to $400,000 a year (much of it in tips).’
    • ‘Bate once more pulled down $100,000 for his 30 hours a week.’
    produce, bear, give, supply, provide, afford, return, bring in, pull in, haul in, gather in, fetch, earn, net, realize, generate, furnish, bestow, pay out, contribute
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