Definition of pull-apart in English:



  • 1US (especially of food) able to be pulled into pieces or sections.

    ‘pull-apart cinnamon rolls’
    ‘pull-apart pork ribs with cajun spices’
  • 2Geology
    Denoting an area which has been ruptured or stretched by the tensional stresses of faulting.

    • ‘In the more complex, uniformitarian model presented here, the void is created initially in the subsurface by pull-apart movement at a right-stepping dextral strike-slip fault in the basement.’
    • ‘The pull-apart structures in the study area are clearly of different types.’
    • ‘An integral part of the pull-apart tectonic model of the Silverpit Crater is the presence of more than one layer of detachment within the structure.’
    • ‘During the Cretaceous, however, an ocean basin existed in this area, either as a remnant ocean that had escaped Jurassic obduction or as a small Cretaceous pull-apart basin.’
    • ‘There is no strong evidence from the regional geometry or the local structures to suggest a simple pull-apart geometry for the rift.’