Definition of puerperal fever in English:

puerperal fever


mass noun
  • Fever caused by uterine infection following childbirth.

    • ‘The boy lived, but his mother contracted puerperal fever, and died six days later in delirium.’
    • ‘Most of these deaths resulted from puerperal fever, a bacterial infection of the uterus.’
    • ‘I was barely a week old when she passed, you know; puerperal fever, I think it was - blood poisoning.’
    • ‘Washing hands with chlorinated water was not high tech in the nineteenth century, but it was effective in reducing sepsis and puerperal fever.’
    • ‘Mary, the third daughter in a family that eventually numbered fifteen children, was a vulnerable six years old when her mother died of puerperal fever - what this generation called the childbirth fevers.’


puerperal fever