Definition of public transport in English:

public transport

(North American public transportation)


  • [mass noun] Buses, trains, and other forms of transport that are available to the public, charge set fares, and run on fixed routes.

    ‘a scheme to improve public transport’
    ‘when travelling on public transport, keep your laptop with you at all times’
    • ‘Government attempts to get more people out of their cars and on to public transport appear to be failing.’
    • ‘You can also take advantage of public transportation, taxi cabs or shuttle services.’
    • ‘We have asked the questions to try and attract people out of their cars and use public transport.’
    • ‘Improve public transport provision, with more services at weekends and late at night.’
    • ‘Her intentions for airports are also likely to include improved public transport access.’
    • ‘The answer for Swindon is to reduce the cost of bus fares to make public transport more attractive.’
    • ‘Where public transport is geared to transporting bikes, cycle tourism can flourish.’
    • ‘No public transportation is available that could take her all the way to work.’
    • ‘Go by bus, train or other mass public transportation whenever possible.’
    • ‘Yes, I agree that public transportation does improve the atmosphere.’
    • ‘Now, we can see that private cars and public transportation already fill up the designed route every day.’
    • ‘We have cars or public transportation to take us wherever we want to go for a trivial sum.’
    • ‘The site has plenty of public transport with a tram stop and six bus routes within easy walking distance.’
    • ‘That includes concessionary fares on public transport and better home adaptations.’
    • ‘Local availability of public transport will be a major factor in the calculation.’
    • ‘It is hoped more people will be tempted to switch from their cars to public transport.’
    • ‘The facilities speak of an era when footballers travelled to training by public transport.’
    • ‘Proceeds from the charging would be spent exclusively on improving public transport.’
    • ‘Of course public transport should be improved, and people encouraged to use it.’
    • ‘It is expected that charges for heating and public transportation will also increase.’


public transport