Definition of public ownership in English:

public ownership


mass noun
  • Ownership by the government of an asset, corporation, or industry.

    ‘his team is split over plans to take the railways back into public ownership’
    • ‘It is not necessarily clear whether or not public ownership and operation of Elmer Island as a recreational park would be more efficient than private ownership and operation.’
    • ‘Under the agreement, 880 acres of the wetlands were placed into public ownership.’
    • ‘Up to Irish 17 plcs are regarded as possible targets to be taken out of public ownership.’
    • ‘Public ownership in Saskatchewan is not confined to health, but extends to power (SaskPower), energy (SaskEnergy), telephone (SaskTel), and auto insurance (SGI).’
    • ‘Public ownership of land is no guarantee that its rent will be captured by the public.’
    • ‘The Public Catalogue Foundation's heroic project of publishing catalogues of all paintings in public ownership in the UK has now reached East Sussex.’
    • ‘Years after privatization of telecoms in most advanced economies, an element could be returned to public ownership again.’
    • ‘Camtel, the fixed line operator, was privatised in 2000, while Camtel Mobile remains in public ownership.’
    • ‘We desire to see capitalism abolished and a democratic system of common or public ownership created in its stead.’
    • ‘The vicissitudes of soccer, and the enormous earning power of the top players, make it a business unsuited to public ownership.’