Definition of public office in English:

public office


  • 1mass noun A position of authority or service involving responsibility to the public, especially within the government.

    ‘the right to hold public office’
    ‘he has never been elected to public office’
    • ‘In Roman times, men standing for public office would wear white togas to signify their purity.’
    • ‘Those democratic institutions function purely on the allowance of the religious authorities who have a right to vet all candidates for public office.’
    • ‘The students in later decades would have gone into public office remembering the Georgist idealism of their youth.’
    • ‘They will be asked to weigh in on key issues, either by direct vote or by whom they choose to represent them in public office.’
    • ‘Tucker accused George, who was running for public office, of allowing his political ambitions to influence his behavior.’
    • ‘He's written books on Ohio folkways, managed a theater, worked for a radio station, and at one point served in public office as a commissioner for Richland county.’
    • ‘He is the only candidate who has never held public office, but Walters contends that his leadership skills are far from lacking.’
    • ‘I want to hold public office later in life.’
    • ‘Millionaire candidates enjoy a significant advantage over the average citizen who desires to run for public office and hopes to win.’
    • ‘It is obvious that he would not have lived as long as he did if he had taken up public office and conducted himself in accordance with his conscience.’
    • ‘She cites Ulpian's declaration that under civil law women were banned from all civil or public office.’
  • 2A building housing a government department or agency or used for civic business.

    ‘transport systems ground to a halt and public offices closed’
    • ‘They explained that most public offices were closed for the day and that we shouldn't expect to receive our Customs or the Coast Guard clearance that afternoon.’
    • ‘The action has closed public offices and schools.’
    • ‘In 1774 he was commissioned to prepare designs for new public offices on the site of Somerset House, to be the largest building operation carried out at public expense in the Georgian period.’
    • ‘Builders of public offices, schools, and maintenance buildings consider only their own budget, needs, and users.’
    • ‘The two lower floors contain public offices, with corporate spaces above.’
    • ‘He managed public office and residential buildings, collecting rents, and taking charge of maintenance and repairs, etc.’
    • ‘The immigration ministry option entails spending a whole morning in a single, crowded public office.’
    • ‘With no branches or public offices, requests would be coming in by mail.’
    • ‘Many men are seen on a daily basis rushing out of banks and public offices, which people frequent in large numbers, to relieve themselves behind parked vehicles, because of the lack of toilet facilities.’
    • ‘For many structures requiring renovation, such as old bank buildings, hotels, schools, and public offices, the demolition starts on the top floor and works its way down.’