Definition of psyllid in English:



  • A minute insect of a family (Psyllidae) that comprises the jumping plant lice.

    • ‘Syzygium spp. and some members of the eucalypt family are prone to something called a psyllid, which shows up as a small bubble on the leaves.’
    • ‘Some 100,000 psyllids have been released at sites around south Florida to help the melaleuca leaf weevil, Oxyops vitiosa, combat the invasive tree, which has been taking over 14 to 15 acres of the Everglades each day.’
    • ‘In heather plants (C. vulgaris) grown under enhanced UV-B radiation, populations of the psyllid Strophingia ericae were reduced.’
    • ‘Heavy infestations of red gum lerp psyllid on red gum eucalyptus trees have become a critical problem for golf course superintendents.’
    • ‘Young seedlings are the most vulnerable to the psyllids ' attack, but the insects can also stunt growth of bigger trees and reduce flowering and seed production.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin Psyllidae (plural), from Greek psulla flea.