Definition of psychopath in English:



  • 1A person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behaviour.

    • ‘Cult leaders are usually psychopaths with a desire for power and often take ideas from politics, religion and psychology to fulfill their purpose, he said.’
    • ‘Studying the statements of violent criminal psychopaths sheds light on their striking and specific vulnerability and emotional pain.’
    • ‘Will it some day be possible to genetically engineer violent psychopaths?’
    • ‘Nigel Eastman believes that even if neuroscientists could prove that psychopaths had abnormal brains, they'd still be left with the inconvenient fact that nobody seems to know quite what a psychopath is in the first place.’
    • ‘The majority of offenders with an APD diagnosis on file were in fact psychopaths, once more highlighting the asymmetric association between these two disorders.’
    • ‘One study found a greater proportion of psychopaths in sex offenders who had assaulted and/or unlawfully confined female prison staff members than in a sample of the general sex offender population.’
    • ‘Though diagnosed as a psychopath and then as suffering from hysterical amnesia - which he later said he faked - no one ever considered Hess clinically insane.’
    • ‘For a long time we wanted to believe that here we were dealing with abnormal monsters, psychopaths, or mentally defective, even psychotic individuals.’
    • ‘They told him that a violent psychopath had escaped from the local mental institution.’
    • ‘Stuart Kinner is interested in an evolutionary model of psychopathy, a sort of disturbing explanation that says psychopaths exist because they're well-adapted to our society.’
    • ‘Stuart Kinner analyzes psychopaths, a mere one percent of the population who account for more than half of serious crimes.’
    • ‘Some psychopaths are aggressive and commit violent crimes, other psychopaths are non-aggressive. Many other persistent criminals are said to have personality defects.’
    madman, madwoman, mad person, deranged person, maniac, lunatic, psychotic, sociopath
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    1. 1.1informal An unstable and aggressive person.
      ‘playground psychopaths will gather around a fight to encourage the combatants’
      • ‘Canadian documentary The Corporation, which depicts large companies as greedy, manipulative, deceitful psychopaths, is currently enjoying box-office success.’
      • ‘Morrison finds herself the hostage of a violent psychopath, trapped in a siege that cannot end without bloodshed.’
      • ‘The people have a government of crooks, cronies, liars, thugs and psychopaths who offer no leadership or positive vision and so lead their people to a life of squalor and desperation.’
      • ‘She has a boyfriend, who is not an aggressive psychopath like the stalker, but gentle and decent.’
      • ‘History is littered with despots and psychopaths, murderous dullards, evil geniuses, deadly incompetents, calamitous brutes of all descriptions.’
      • ‘His book is populated with scoundrels, megalomaniacs, psychopaths, manipulators and sadists - people he happens to find interesting.’