Definition of psychiatric hospital in English:

psychiatric hospital


  • An institution where patients with psychiatric disorders live while receiving treatment.

    ‘he spent most of his adult life in a psychiatric hospital’
    • ‘Los Angeles police arrested the man on May 16, and he was placed in a psychiatric hospital, where he remains.’
    • ‘Labelled a schizophrenic, she spent eight years in and out of psychiatric hospitals where she received 200 electroshock treatments.’
    • ‘The District Judge granted bail on two conditions: that Richards reside at a psychiatric hospital and not leave unless accompanied by a member of the staff.’
    • ‘He was later found innocent on grounds of mental impairment and ordered held in a secure psychiatric hospital.’
    • ‘He was committed to a psychiatric hospital in 2004 after pleading not criminally responsible to lesser charges.’
    • ‘He spent time in a psychiatric hospital as a teen.’
    • ‘As the pits closed, his father joined his mother working at the psychiatric hospital opposite their home.’
    • ‘After his release from Pueblo, he was admitted numerous times to other psychiatric hospitals across the West.’
    • ‘I've worked on the back wards of state psychiatric hospitals for 17 years as a Social Worker.’
    • ‘The reports were compiled during a month of tests at a state psychiatric hospital.’