Definition of psychedelically in English:



  • See psychedelic

    • ‘In the stultifying heat, we watch a procession of psychedelically clad Ashanti elders - paramount chiefs, chiefs, sub-chiefs, chief farmers, local politicians - taking their seats beneath an awning decked with forlorn silk flowers.’
    • ‘2005 Turner Prize nominee Jim Lambie presents a new installation of six enlarged ceramic, psychedelically enhanced birds in the exhibition Byrds.’
    • ‘In one of the photographs with several figures, three images of the same blue-haired clown, with different expressions and in different sizes, are seen against a zigzagging, psychedelically colored background.’
    • ‘The psychedelically clad pop star elite sat cross-legged around the Maharishi.’
    • ‘His only attempt at creative cinematography is the scene where the camera shoots from Alexander's point of view as he looks up from his make-shift stretcher and sees an overexposed sky and the psychedelically electrified trees.’