Definition of psy-ops in English:


plural noun

  • Tactics intended to manipulate one's opponents or enemies, such as the dissemination of propaganda or the use of psychological warfare.

    • ‘It seems like an ideal psy-ops weapon to ward people away from a sensitive, yet secluded area…’
    • ‘An American psy-ops (psychological operations) team outside the city blasted back with deafening AC / DC heavy metal tracks played from lorry-mounted speakers.’
    • ‘By refining psy-ops and bringing to it the intimacy of contact and diplomacy through e-mail and cell phones, the military has figured out how to induce surrender by a combination of threats, persuasion and temptation.’
    • ‘The polite diplomatic language hides the implications that there would be a global black psy-ops campaign in favor of the war, conducted from London.’
    • ‘CNN appears to have been the victim of a second-hand psy-ops campaign, insofar as it is referring to the guerrillas as ‘anti-Iraqi forces.’’


1960s: contraction of psychological operations.