Definition of psoriatic in English:



  • See psoriasis

    • ‘Krueger et al. observed that UV-B treatment produced a consistent and profound depletion of T lymphocytes from psoriatic epidermis.’
    • ‘On the contrary, patients with psoriatic skin that has no epidermal layer get a significant amount of DNA photolesions even at suberythemal doses of UV.’
    • ‘Six were treated for rheumatoid, three for Crohn's disease, one for psoriatic arthritis, one for dermatomyositis and one for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.’
    • ‘Compared to unaffected skin, psoriatic plaques have been shown to contain decreased levels of cAMP and increased levels of cGMP, which may contribute to epidermal hyperproliferation.’
    • ‘The rapidity of the response to intravenous n - 3 lipids exceeds by orders of magnitude the hitherto reported kinetics of improvement of psoriatic lesions upon use of oral supplementation.’