Definition of pseudorabies in English:



mass nounVeterinary Medicine
  • An infectious herpesvirus disease of the central nervous system in domestic animals that causes convulsions and intense itching and is usually fatal.

    • ‘Porcine pseudorabies virus has been detected in Swedish diabetes patients treated with porcine cells in 1997.’
    • ‘In December 1999, their herd tested positive for pseudorabies.’
    • ‘He says feral pigs can harbor more than 30 diseases - including the pseudorabies virus and brucellosis bacteria - that could negatively impact the livestock industry.’
    • ‘One livestock disease detected in several Nebraska swineherds is pseudorabies.’
    • ‘The pigs carry pseudorabies - a virus that can be deadly to other animals - so they could not be brought to the mainland.’