Definition of pseudopodium in English:



  • A temporary protrusion of the surface of an amoeboid cell for movement and feeding.

    • ‘In the case of D. discoideum, where the cell shape is entirely controlled by actin microfilaments and actin-binding proteins, actin depolymerization eliminates pseudopodia and filopodia.’
    • ‘After application of fluid shear many cells projected pseudopodia and spread on the glass surface.’
    • ‘Of the 10 cells that actively projected pseudopodia during the longest shear application of 20 min at 2 dyn/cm 2, only one became round while exposed to shear stress.’
    • ‘After the restructuring of the collagen fibrils into a cone, the cells partially retract their pseudopodia and move back, and the cone of collagen fibers is pulled toward the MTS.’
    • ‘For cells to continue moving forward after one cycle of extension and partial retraction of pseudopodia, the cells must either change direction, release the collagen fibrils, or degrade the collagen fibers in their path.’


Mid 19th century: modern Latin, from pseudo- + podium.