Definition of pseudomonas in English:



  • A bacterium which occurs in soil and detritus, including a number that are pathogens of plants or animals.

    • ‘MBP, for example, shares extensive homologies in amino acid sequences with measles, influenza virus, adenovirus, herpesviruses, papilloma virus, and bacteria, including pseudomonas.’
    • ‘I have talked to wound care experts who say they can smell wound infections, such as pseudomonas and staphylococcus, before seeing them.’
    • ‘Live biological remedies like the bacteria pseudomonas have been shown to suppress a variety of turfgrass diseases.’
    • ‘There are reports of Hepatitis B and C being transmitted by tattooing, as well as bacterial infections such as pseudomonas and staphlocoocus.’
    • ‘Surgical site infection at the chest site after cardiac surgery most often involves grampositive bacteria, such as staphylococci, and less frequently involves gramnegative bacteria, such as pseudomonas.’


Modern Latin, from pseudo- ‘false’ + monas ‘monad’.