Definition of pseudobulb in English:



  • A bulbous enlargement of the stem in many orchids, especially tropical and epiphytic ones.

    • ‘The plants branch sympodially, producing large, flattened, bifoliate pseudobulbs and lateral, solitary flowers on long pedicels, numbering one to six per pseudobulb.’
    • ‘All the species of Xylobium studied have plicate leaves and pseudobulbs round in section, multiflowered inflorescences with rewardless flowers, and Type 1 pollinaria with arcuate viscidia.’
    • ‘Sympodial in nature, which means the plant has connected stems which cease growth after flowering, the dendrobium has pseudobulbs at the base.’
    • ‘Myrmecophila christinae produces one or two pseudobulbs a year, although individuals with > 40 pseudobulbs have been reported.’
    • ‘Microstylis and its relatives, although often growing on the ground, have pseudobulbs (probably indicating epiphytic origins) and thus are really semi-terrestrial.’