Definition of Prussian in English:



  • Relating to the former kingdom of Prussia.

    ‘her eldest daughter was married to the Prussian Crown Prince’
    • ‘He was a Prussian immigrant who arrived in New York as a young man of sixteen.’
    • ‘He personified the Protestant work ethic and the Prussian sense of duty.’
    • ‘In 1831 he moved to Rome as organist to the Prussian ambassador.’
    • ‘There was something decidedly Prussian in her way of speaking.’
    • ‘Prussian troops forced the Austrians out of Schleswig-Holstein, but the Austrians defeated the Italian army at Custozza.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Prussia.

    ‘a general advance pushed the Prussians from the field’
    • ‘He was captured by the Prussians and deposed, spending the rest of his life in exile in England.’
    • ‘She remained a Prussian to the end.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, Napoleon took the offensive and forced the Prussians to retreat at Ligny.’
    • ‘When the Prussians withdrew in 1867, the fortifications were larger than the city of Luxembourg.’
    • ‘In those days, good middle-class Prussians washed their hands of the Prussian soldiery.’