Definition of prudentially in English:



  • See prudential

    • ‘Had UMP been prudentially regulated, the company would have funded these liabilities by law.’
    • ‘But, unless that turns out to be the case, I still think that the strategy has been both prudentially and morally correct in this case.’
    • ‘One's attitude to the law in such circumstances has to be entirely instrumental - it has to be reckoned with as a force, and used prudentially, but we cannot afford to rely on such means.’
    • ‘Many scholars have admired or decried Lincoln's subtleties in prudentially adjusting arguments for the moral legitimation of the war, beginning with saving the Union and ending with emancipation of the slaves.’
    • ‘Murray's position was consistent with Aquinas's observation that although civil law is concerned with leading everyone to virtue, it does so prudentially - gradually and not suddenly.’