Definition of prudence in English:



mass noun
  • The quality of being prudent; cautiousness.

    ‘we need to exercise prudence in such important matters’
    • ‘Our country can do better, particularly in the area of prudence and focussed resource utilisation.’
    • ‘Common prudence dictates that we do what we can to cool the planet, even in the absence of absolute proof.’
    • ‘The financial prudence now practised by both clubs is a product of the economic climate.’
    • ‘It is one where an occupier, faced with a hazard accidentally arising on his land, fails to act with reasonable prudence so as to remove the hazard.’
    • ‘The Republican party built on fiscal prudence and a sense of responsibility.’
    wisdom, judgement, good judgement, judiciousness, sagacity, shrewdness, advisability, common sense, sense
    caution, cautiousness, care, carefulness, canniness, chariness, wariness, circumspection
    thrift, thriftiness, providence, good management, careful budgeting, economy, canniness, frugality, abstemiousness
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