Definition of proxy vote in English:

proxy vote


  • A vote cast by one person as a representative of another.

    ‘the firm may call off the shareholder meeting if the proxy votes indicate that it has not received enough support’
    • ‘I think what we have to do is give a proxy vote to every parent for every child under 18.’
    • ‘All postal and proxy vote applications should include these details, and electoral registration officers should be able to check them against details on the roll.’
    • ‘It is not known how many proxy votes the board has in favour of the Musgrave bid.’
    • ‘Be prepared to replace them and secure proxy votes for those who won't attend the next meeting.’
    • ‘Socially screened funds tend to take activist roles in proxy votes, using their shares to influence company policy.’
    • ‘His postal vote forms arrived OK at our address but nothing came for my proxy vote.’
    • ‘He alleged the company obtained proxy votes by deception.’
    • ‘For example, Fidelity Magellan participated in 2,266 proxy votes last year.’
    • ‘Toss in the fact that two people present held 50 and 53 proxy votes respectively and eyebrows should be going up.’
    • ‘Coyle insists he is already winning the battle for proxy votes.’