Definition of proxime accessit in English:

proxime accessit


  • Used to name the person who comes second in an examination or is runner-up for an award.

    ‘winner: J. W. Wright; proxime accessit: T. G. Broadbent’
    • ‘The Committee for the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology gives notice that the Junior Prize of £300 will be offered for competition in Michaelmas Term. At its discretion, the Committee may award a proxime accessit prize.’
    • ‘I got 3 subject prizes (English, Gàidhlig, and Modern Studies) and the not-exactly-exalted position of Proxime Accessit, being the prize for getting the second highest results in the Highers the previous year.’


Latin, literally ‘came very near’.


proxime accessit

/ˌprɒksɪmeɪ akˈsɛsɪt//-mi/