Definition of provost marshal in English:

provost marshal


  • 1The head of military police in camp or on active service.

    • ‘During the 18th century, once again, the rank and prestige of the provost marshal declined, with NCOs often being appointed on an ad hoc basis.’
    • ‘The rioters then marched to the provost marshal's office where the draft lottery was taking place and set fire to the building.’
    • ‘Marlborough's army had a senior officer who acted as provost marshal general; his responsibilities including controlling foraging parties.’
    • ‘For much of the Civil War, Lieutenant Colonel Frederick C. Newhall served as provost marshal and staff officer for Union cavalry commander Lieutenant General Philip Sheridan.’
    • ‘As already mentioned, the provost marshal was the military policeman, issuing passes to civilians and military personnel and detaining prisoners.’
    1. 1.1 (in the Royal Navy) a senior commissioned officer in the Regulatory Branch or Naval Dockyard Port.
      • ‘He graduated from the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth prior to serving as Naval Provost Marshal (equivalent to the regional chief of police) for Scotland and Northern Ireland, and later as Combined Services Provost Marshal in Gibraltar.’


provost marshal

/prɒˈvəʊ mɑːʃl/