Definition of Provo in English:



  • informal term for provisional
    • ‘And Provos deserve credit for the Peace Process and can claim something of a democratic mandate even in Europe, where they have joined the communists.’
    • ‘With another crisis in the Northern Ireland peace process looming, the beleaguered Sinn Fein president urged people to believe him when he said Provos have not broken their ceasefire.’
    • ‘If that happened the Provos would find themselves dragged back into conflict and the Real IRA would have every excuse to spread bloody mayhem across the province.’
    • ‘The Independent Monitoring Commission, the body set up to study terrorist ceasefires in Northern Ireland, blamed the Provos for the raid on a Makro cash and carry store in the south of the city last May.’
    • ‘The Provos ' terror campaign retarded the development of progressive politics in Ireland for a generation or more and drove the divided communities of Northern Ireland further apart.’