Definition of provisionality in English:



  • See provisional

    • ‘Hugo saw everything he wrote as an experiment, and was, more than any other great poet of his century, aware of the provisionality of every position, every thought, every work of art.’
    • ‘Should feminism use an image of an essential ‘woman’ or admit the provisionality of gender identity?’
    • ‘In everything they said, there was this air of acceptance, and tentatively, experimentation rather than celebration, of a resolve towards provisionality rather than finality.’
    • ‘Inner conviction and objective reason are both needed and have to be combined in such a way as to overcome the provisionality of reason and the subjectivism of inner feeling.’
    • ‘Postmodernism, in contrast, doesn't lament the idea of fragmentation, provisionality, or incoherence, but rather celebrates that.’