Definition of proviral in English:



  • See provirus

    • ‘It is generally admitted that these Human Endogenous RetroViruses derive originally from rare events of germ-line infections by exogenous retroviruses leading to proviral DNA integration.’
    • ‘Endogenous retroviruses are the proviral form of exogenous retroviruses that have become integrated into the germ line of the host.’
    • ‘Identification of clonal proviral insertions by oncogenic retroviruses has led to the isolation of novel tumor-associated genes.’
    • ‘To identify expressed sequences, 16 kb of genomic DNA flanking the proviral integration site was sequenced and compared to genetic databases.’
    • ‘Emery et al 40 found that, at autopsy, the presence of HHV - 6 DNA was associated with significant increases in HIV - 1 proviral DNA.’