Definition of Provident Society in English:

Provident Society


  • another term for friendly society
    • ‘Last month TAG resolved to form an Industrial and Provident Society to raise money toward the cost of building the new town hall.’
    • ‘TAG has also formed itself as an Industrial and Provident Society allowing the community to make donations towards the scheme.’
    • ‘More than 180 residents bought a £10 share in an ‘Industrial and Provident Society’.’
    • ‘We have registered as an Industrial and Provident Society, a type of community co-operative, and in order to fund the establishment of the shop, we are offering shares to local residents, as well as applying to grant-making bodies.’
    • ‘Malmesbury Town Hall Action Group, which has come up with a new plan for the redevelopment of the building, voted last week to form a Industrial and Provident Society.’


Provident Society