Definition of proverbially in English:



  • See proverbial

    • ‘This study holds that around the time of marriage, happiness increases briefly during what is proverbially called the honeymoon period, but that after one year it returns to the level that prevailed more than one year before marriage.’
    • ‘She sums up her social experience by saying proverbially, ‘The poorer you are, the happier you are.’’
    • ‘Traditional, local institutions were thought to be the solution to what is proverbially known as ‘the tragedy of the commons.’’
    • ‘We have been pleading for years for a level playing field over which our Government has miserably failed us; but through a proverbially perverse back door the same end has been achieved.’
    • ‘It was the proverbially dark and stormy night - the coldest February weather in recorded history, with sheets of rain and a biting wind.’