Definition of provenience in English:



  • another term for provenance
    • ‘Additional observations recorded for each specimen include provenience and whenever possible age, sex, weathering, cultural modification, pathologies, osteological measurements, and fish size.’
    • ‘While rings with a historic provenience have been found conspicuously on fingers in burials, many more have been recovered in what were probably bags or on strings or simply scattered.’
    • ‘Moreover, we could not determine the exact provenience of the recovered materials, although they appeared to be from ca. 25-110 cm below surface.’
    • ‘It will also be a requirement of factories to satisfy themselves as to the provenience of any animals which they purchase.’
    • ‘While the provenience is cited as Duala, it is not always clear if this term refers to the ethnic group, the location of the same name, or all groups, no matter their ethnicity, who inhabited the region at the time of collection.’