Definition of prove someone wrong in English:

prove someone wrong


  • Show that what someone says is wrong or incorrect.

    ‘if you can prove me wrong let me know and I'll update the review’
    • ‘Last Friday, you sure were proved wrong then.’
    • ‘Needless to say, the statement roused a feisty spirit intent on proving her husband wrong.’
    • ‘Science is a marketplace of ideas, where good ideas must be proven wrong in order to be replaced by better ones.’
    • ‘The next century's discoveries would prove them right or wrong.’
    • ‘They are not corrupted by him, they just enjoy watching him prove others wrong.’
    • ‘Critics of the policy, who had predicted civil war, were proven wrong.’
    • ‘Some of the bets on future outcomes are proven to be wrong.’
    • ‘Having his eyes opened to the brother's real character, he was hoping to not be proven wrong about the sister.’
    • ‘Pessimists who say mergers often destroy shareholder value will be proved wrong, he says.’
    • ‘Politicians love few things more than seeing their enemies proven wrong.’
    refute, show to be wrong, rebut, confute, give the lie to, demolish, discredit
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