Definition of proudly in English:



  • 1With a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction in one's own achievements, qualities, or possessions or those of someone with whom one is closely associated.

    ‘she proudly displayed her newest creations’
    ‘Ray watched proudly from the sidelines as his son won the singles title’
    • ‘The industry proudly claims that up to 40 million people eat their products each day.’
    • ‘Family photos are proudly displayed where we work.’
    • ‘Proudly wearing his medals, Matt gave a demonstration of his training techniques to 60 year five pupils.’
    • ‘Jane smiled proudly at her sister, knowing she would win.’
    • ‘The women proudly held up their diplomas for a photo.’
    • ‘Proudly, he shows me a drawing of himself that the artist had done of him.’
    • ‘I'm sure all of us know someone who proudly proclaims "We don't even own a TV".’
    • ‘At the city's apex resided a local elite of merchants and professionals who were proudly middle-class.’
    • ‘Walt Disney Pictures proudly presents the remake of the beloved 1949 adventure film, Mighty Joe Young.’
    • ‘He took fifth place which earned him a Diploma which he displayed proudly.’
    • ‘"I've sold nearly 4,000 of them," he says proudly.’
    • ‘Fly your flag proudly!’
    • ‘He proudly boasted he had never lost a salesman he wanted to keep.’
    • ‘Proudly working-class and self-educated, he quickly became involved with the developing labour movement.’
    • ‘Proudly, he refused.’
  • 2In an imposing manner; splendidly.

    ‘pristine new office buildings stood proudly beside a large car park’
    • ‘The hotel, built in 2002, stands proudly in the main square opposite the mosque.’
    • ‘Proudly standing at 5959 meters high, Mount Logan attracts many experienced climbers from around the world.’
    • ‘Her film proudly stands alone as a fine literary adaptation.’
    • ‘Welsh flags fly proudly everywhere, and Welsh as an official language is commonly spoken.’
    • ‘The castle stood proudly at one end of the main street.’
    • ‘The newest and most striking feature is a fabulous new fountain, which is already sitting proudly at the top of the park.’
    • ‘Suburban houses proudly sported the Star-Spangled Banner.’
    • ‘Mounted on walnut, the sign sat proudly on his desk for most of his administration.’
    • ‘The Stars and Stripes were flying proudly from government buildings, businesses, homes and vehicles wherever you looked.’
    • ‘The gay pride rainbow flag proudly flies outside gay-run venues.’
    • ‘The seaside town of Old Haven sits proudly on this beautiful part of the British coastline.’
    • ‘She came back with a medal hanging proudly around her neck.’
    • ‘Standing proudly on an isolated promontory, this 13th century stronghold once commanded the whole upper part of the Great Glen.’