Definition of protrusion in English:



  • Something that protrudes; a protuberance.

    ‘a protrusion of rock jutted from the mountainside’
    • ‘The concrete path is studded with local river rocks of varying sizes, from pointy pebbles to smooth skipping stones to softball-sized protrusions.’
    • ‘They are coated with distinctive bumps and small protrusions against an overall veiled surface.’
    • ‘With a typical hernia, there is a bulge resulting from the protrusion of an internal organ.’
    • ‘Follow routes on protrusions and ridges, and always ski slow and conservative.’
    • ‘Despite its age, the walls were already pitted and scorched, the ceiling covered with small bumps and protrusions.’
    bump, lump, knob, hump, jut, projection, prominence, protuberance, overhang, eminence, ledge, shelf, ridge
    sticking out, jutting, projection, projecting, obtrusion, obtruding, prominence, protuberance
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