Definition of protrude in English:



[no object]
  • 1Extend beyond or above a surface.

    ‘something like a fin protruded from the water’
    • ‘The enemy soldier fell to the ground with the arrow protruding from his back.’
    • ‘He reached out his arm and felt a large spike protruding from a hard, scaled surface.’
    • ‘Two large horns protruded out of the forehead and extended slightly upward.’
    • ‘Cut off any unwanted growth and take back older side shoots that protrude too far out.’
    • ‘Check all joints to make sure nothing protrudes above the surface.’
    • ‘A seed was regarded as germinated when the radicle protruded through the seed coat.’
    • ‘She was sure the apartment above had a lump which protruded upward from the floor.’
    • ‘One of Henry's giant teeth was protruding at an awkward angle.’
    • ‘Bent reeds, evenly spaced, protrude upwards.’
    • ‘The bin's lying on its side, and the better part of one side protrudes above the surface of the water.’
    • ‘The tumors located centrally were polypoid, protruding into the lumen of the bronchus and narrowing the lumen.’
    • ‘Their stems and leaves protrude above the water surface.’
    • ‘Spikes protruded from the rough surface at jagged points.’
    • ‘The white tips are visible, as are their thick woody bases protruding at right angles to the stem.’
    • ‘Leave the finishing nails protruding slightly above surface of the wood.’
    • ‘She held her hand against the throbbing bump that now protruded from her forehead.’
    • ‘Jude was as thin as a stick and his bones protruded through sallow skin.’
    • ‘Many religious figures were seated on three balconies protruding from the temple walls.’
    • ‘The distal end of the clavicle may protrude slightly upward.’
    • ‘When standing, the knees of this figure protrude awkwardly and incised lines in both mobile arms suggest bicep musculature.’
    stick out, jut, jut out, poke out, project, stand out, come through, peek, poke, stick up, hang out, loom, loom out, extend, obtrude
    sticking out, jutting, jutting out, standing out, prominent, protuberant, proud, obtrusive
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    1. 1.1with object (of an animal) cause (a body part) to protrude.
      ‘when attacking, it protrudes its long snout’
      • ‘Physical subdivision and structural alteration have been implicated in the evolution of the muscles involved in protruding the upper jaw in elasmobranchs.’
      • ‘The minute eyes, generally hidden behind facial fur, can be protruded under conditions of pain or alarm.’
      • ‘The quadratomandibularis extends between the palatoquadrate and mandible and may assist in protruding the upper jaw in all elasmobranchs.’
      • ‘The eyes can be preserved inside or outside the carapace, which indicates that they could be protruded or withdrawn by the peduncles.’
      • ‘The evolution of fish feeding systems is a history of change in multiple mechanical systems that raise the head, drop the lower jaw, expand the hyoid, and protrude the upper jaw.’


Early 17th century (in the sense ‘thrust something forward or onward’): from Latin protrudere, from pro- ‘forward, out’ + trudere ‘to thrust’.