Definition of prototypically in English:



  • See prototypical

    • ‘This Idaho high school student is a prototypically awkward teen with a frizzed hairdo.’
    • ‘Mostly, the material they reviewed was regarded as prototypically blasphemous or sexually explicit, but there was wide variation in content.’
    • ‘He argues they are both prototypically modern in that they created works that present and then question any stable representation of cultural truths.’
    • ‘The building exhibits a number of prototypically American features - wall surfaces covered in white stucco, flat roofs, and integrated interior and exterior spaces.’
    • ‘Prototypically, these verb tenses 'locate' a situation in present time or past time.’
    • ‘The film deals with a prototypically modern drama at a postmodern moment.’
    • ‘As a filmmaker he was responsible for something that even now feels prototypically mainstream.’
    • ‘A basic mood is associated prototypically with a particular type of speech act, but it may be used non-prototypically.’