Definition of protoctist in English:



  • See Protoctista

    • ‘In recent years, eukaryotes have been broken down into four kingdoms: animals, plants, fungi, and protists or protoctists.’
    • ‘Not only bacteria, but also archaea, small fungi, and anaerobic (without oxygen) protoctists just don't fit the ‘species concept’ as written above.’
    • ‘It was just in 1980 that the minute protoctists in the ‘picoplankton’ of polar waters were discovered.’
    • ‘Most nations of the world do not have complete inventories of their flora and fauna, let alone their fungi, protoctists, and prokaryotes (microorganisms).’
    • ‘Those who study protoctists, nucleated microorganisms and their immediate descendants exclusive of animals, plants and fungi, are disenfranchised.’