Definition of Protestant ascendancy in English:

Protestant ascendancy


  • 1The domination of the Anglo-Irish Protestant minority in Ireland, especially in the 18th and 19th centuries.

    • ‘For Britain, the peace process was driven primarily by the fact that its old methods of rule over the north though Unionism and the Protestant ascendancy were no longer effective.’
    • ‘The reactionary combination of nationalism, Catholicism and Gaelic romanticism was a sharp rejoinder to centuries of Protestant ascendancy.’
    • ‘By agreeing to direct talks, the Loyal Orders may dispel the notion that they are merely triumphalist organisations, wanting to see a return to a new millennium version of the 17th century Protestant ascendancy in Ireland.’
    • ‘The term Anglo-Irish was applied increasingly by 19th-century historians of the Protestant ascendancy to register growing awareness of the political and social circumstances of British settlers in Ireland.’
    • ‘The war from 1689 to 1691, which saw the Catholic population summarily defeated, laid the basis for over a century of Protestant ascendancy.’
    1. 1.1 The members of the landed aristocracy comprising the Anglo-Irish Protestant minority in Ireland.
      • ‘Throughout the last century the Protestant ascendancy ran the colonies as landholders, merchants, professionals, administrators, legislators, magistrates and missionaries.’
      • ‘Shortly before Humbert landed there was a vicious, though short-lived, outburst in Wicklow, enough to convince the Protestant ascendancy of its isolation.’
      • ‘Upper middle class Australia is no longer the exclusive property of the Protestant ascendancy, but the newcomers to money and status have learned the old putdowns.’
      • ‘He is a striking exemplar of the Anglo-Australian Protestant ascendancy that ruled interwar Australia.’