Definition of proteinase in English:



  • with modifier ‘the genetic study of pancreatic proteinase in mice’
    another term for endopeptidase
    count noun ‘proteinases play an important role in lung injury after smoke inhalation’
    • ‘Such hydrolytic enzymes as cystein proteinases, serine proteinases, and nucleases are highly induced during xylogenesis.’
    • ‘This site is well characterized in trypsin and other serine proteinases.’
    • ‘The morphological and biochemical changes typical of apoptosis are orchestrated by caspases, a family of cysteine proteinases, which cleave proteins after aspartate residue.’
    • ‘The inhibition of proteinases by protein proteinase inhibitors is an individual case of protein-protein interaction.’
    • ‘Researchers isolated the protein, a cysteine proteinase, from cultured tissue of resistant corn plants and obtained a patent last November for the gene sequence that encodes it.’