Definition of protein engineering in English:

protein engineering


mass noun
  • The manipulation of the structures of proteins so as to produce desired properties, or the synthesis of proteins with particular structures.

    • ‘Therefore, for many applications, an antibody of interest may require further ad hoc optimization by protein engineering to make it more stable.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the crystal structure of Rubisco from several species and the extensive homology of amino acid sequences has allowed the advance of genetic manipulation, protein engineering and transformation experiments.’
    • ‘In addition to contributing to the understanding of pigment binding, the molecular insight gained in this work will have a direct impact on protein engineering of all pigment-binding proteins.’
    • ‘As such, tropoelastin and its synthetic analogs have been a subject of intense investigation in the field of biopolymers and protein engineering.’
    • ‘Protein stability plays an extremely important role not only in its biological function but also in medical science and protein engineering.’